Roe Deer Fawn (Capreolus capreolus)

Roe Deer Fawn (Capreolus capreolus)

A CAUTIONARY TALE - This is a bit of a story but bare with me. I was out early this morning trying to photograph the fox family. On the way back I pass through a field that is overgrown with high grass. I walk the same route every day and was surprised today to startle a female roe deer who had been laid down just off the path. She ran over the field and across the beck and into the wood I had just come through. Again, later in the afternoon I had been across the beck looking for the foxes. I hadn't seen them so on the way back I varied my route to walk along the beck edge to see if they had come down to drink as they sometimes do. I was so intent on looking at the water I nearly stepped on this little chap who went down the banking and across the beck. This roe deer is obviously the youngster of the female I had disturbed earlier in the day. I was pretty upset with myself for not being more careful but on reflection I am hoping that everything turns out ok. This youngster was little bigger than a hare and the downside of it going across the beck is this is where the fox family is located. On the plus side I an 100% sure mum is already in this small wood so hopefully they will link up almost immediately and she will lead it somewhere to safety. I am also pretty sure the farmer is long overdue for cutting this field for silage so maybe my disturbance will work out for the best. For anyone else who may encounter these, please try not to disturb them as mum will pop back regularly to feed them and they have not been abandoned. Best to back off and leave them where they are.
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