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Modern photography also involves hours spent at the computer processing and organising your images. For a bit of fun I intend to provide a weekly link on this page to the song thats being played as I spend the countless hours processing. Its not compulsory to listen!


So I've not posted for a while so it's time for a double header. The first is a song thats over thirty years old but includes a guy who rocked the hell out of download at the weekend, I understand, and I seem to be finding special meaning in it. Lita Ford and Ozzy with Close My Eyes Forever. Then bang up to date with another band who smashed it at Download Shinedown with Devil

More new music tonight. What can I say, my favourite female singer of all time. Sharon Den adel from Within Temptation has a solo album out in April (My Indigo) and Within Temptation are touring the UK later this year. Needless to say we'll be going. This is the lyric video for Out of The Darkness.

I now only update this section when I find a track I can't stop playing. So, today I'm afraid its more Shinedown. I'm not sure why this band aren't close to headlining at Download this year, they should at least be on after Marilyn Manson! Anyway, this track proves it. Get ready for the DEVIL!

This is now a pretty infrequent play list but occasionally I here a track on planet rock that deserves inclusion. This one came on while I was out running and definitely deserves inclusion. This Is Joe Bonamassa with Driving towards the Daylight.


Well hopefully you enjoy my personal play list. Not posted for a while but seeing as Leia and me are off to Nottingham to see Iron Maiden and Shinedown on 4th May, heres Shinedown live at Download (we where there fist pumping in the rain!) with The Sound of Madness.


For a few weeks I am going to put some live performances from Download on the site. What can I say but massive mud bath! We where lucky enough to have some of our favourite bands on Sunday night so I'll kick off with a couple from Halestorm who have to be in the top ten live bands around at the minute.


With Download fast approaching I thought it only right to check out some of the bands I don't know before I take Leia to her first Donnington on the Sunday night. Have to say I'm really surprised. It's shaping up to be the best gig ever with Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Shinedown, Halestorm, Delain and Saxon. The other bands all seem to be there on merit as I haven't heard a bad one yet. A new band to me but very classy. This is The Temperance Movement with Only Friend.


I'm not going to apologise for this and you may have to put up with more of the exceptionally talented Lindsey Stirling over the next few weeks. Can't wait for the new album! This is "Elements" from Lindsey's first album. Beautiful!!


I've been pretty busy of late and to be honest it's been mostly wall to wall shinedown. However, just downloaded "Shatter Me" Lindsey Stirling's album. I have to say it's outstanding. This is a track from the album, you can see why the video has 46 million hits. Here's Roundtable Rival!!!


I wouldn't normally put music on here that has been recorded by fans at a gig but I am breaking the rule for this one. Leia and me had the privilege of seeing Halestorm, Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry at the Motorpoint arena Nottingham on Friday. After thirty years of attending gigs this topped them all and that's saying something with the list of bands I've seen. Five hours of jumping, singing and clapping, knackered but worth every second. This is a fans recording of Shinedown with "State of my Head"


Something a bit different to kick off 2016. I was looking for something a little different and found it. This band mixes folk instruments with metal, and hey, it works. This is Eluveitie with Call of The Mountains.

I've gone a couple of weeks without any shinedown. This is the second single off the new album,another cracker. "State of my head".

There should be more Shinedown next week as there new release should be out and its one of my favorites from the new album. In the meantime here's some Halestorm.There new release "I am the Fire" This should liven your Sunday up!

Another week gone and the photography is still really tough> I'm hoping for some colder weather soon which may see some improvement. Expect you to play this one loud, but of course! More shinedown, this one from the first Expedibles film. This is Diamond Eyes (Boom-lay Boom-lay Boom). Hit the volume!!!

Really seem to be stuck on this band now. Its the first time for a long time that a band has hooked me so much. Really pleased to be seeing them in January. This is one of their more mellow tracks and played acoustically live. This is Shinedown with Miracle.

This band is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. Shinedown have a new album out and I can honestly say theirs not a poor track on it. Following on from last week this is Shinedown with "Cut the Cord" From there new album "Threat to Survival".

Me and Leia always sneak off for a christmas concert every year. For the last three years this has been Lostalone at Derby. This year we where stuck as Lostalone have split up. Lucky for us we discovered Halestorm who happen to be touring in January. There are three bands on the bill and I decided to check out Shinedown. So much good music around. Here's a sample, this has to be one of the best videos ever, a great concept and probably shows the feelings that all bands go through at soem time or another. This is Shinedown with "Enemies".

This weeks song has to be dedicated to Mel and me. We celebrate twenty five years of marriage tomorrow, which I'm told is a bit of an achievement. This sums up my attitude completely to the crap life throws at you, and after a hard few years for Mel I'm gradually bringing her round to my way of thinking. Cover your ears if you can't bare the swearing but she says it with such feeeling! Halestorm with Here's to us!

As we are going to see Halestorm next year I thought it would be good to check out the band they are touring with. As it happens they're pretty good. This is Black Stone Cherry with Blind Man.

Always good to find some new music to listen to. First came across this band when they performed one of the songs for the Dio tribute album. After listening to some more of there work they are deserving of two tracks this week. Here's Halestorm with "Freak Like Me" and "Mz. Hyde"

Well its been a few weeks. I've been really busy getting a stock image submission ready. I must be getting nostalgic in my old age. Started off with some really upbeat scorpions but ended with this one that got played to death after my first break-up. You know who you are! This is Kiss with "I still love you."

After looking down this playlist I realized after promising some Delain I have not put any here for your listening pleasure. Delain are so good, and I have missed at least a week, so they get two songs. The first "Get the devil out of me" is a classic that really gets the crowd going. The second "we are the others" is a tribute to Sophie Lancaster who was tragically beaten to death for the clothes she was wearing. Reminding us all we should celebrate our differences!

I thought it was about time I gave you something new to listen to. Must admit hadn't heard these until I watched the coverage of download. Cracking band, remind me of an early Motley Crue. Dare you not to sing along to this one! This is The Black Veil Brides with Fallen Angel.

Well its the Download Festival this year. Not been for years and I won't have time again this year. I've gone a bit nostalgic with this one, I saw this band in 1983 at what was then Donnington. This is off there new album just released and from David Coverdales Deep Purple Days. Still got it! Whitesnake with Stormbringer, looks like we may get one here tonight!

I've just realized that I have completely missed one of my favourite bands of all time off this list. Saw them last year supported by Delain (clue to next weeks offering) Perhaps the best female singer I've ever heard. Listen to this then check them out further, you won't be disappointed! This is Within Temptation with Sinead.

We seem to have a liking for bands from the Holland, Denmark or Scandinavian area of the world in the Tilley house at the minute. And they usually come with an excellent female vocalist. These are no exception. Forever Still with Miss Madness.

Your always sure to find something different on you tube. We love this tune especially the psycho's evil laugh that turns into a pathetic cough at the start! Sumo Cyco with Brave

Well this is what I'm listening to tonight. Love the film this is taken from, well it has Halle Berry in it so can't be bad. Limp Bizkit with Behind blue eyes from the film Gothica.

Music from a band I don't think I've put up before. One of Britains biggest bands, in fact one of the biggest and most successful in the world. And playing one of my favourite tunes live to 250,000 people. Iron maiden with Blood Brothers!

A double header this week due to my lack of diligence updating this page. Its a long time since we had any Red Hot Chili Peppers, so "Snow (hey Ho)"

Seeing as I went for Lostalone last time, hopefully more from them later as they have a new album coming out, here's a bit more Dead famous, there latest single "Hide your Halo".

Well it was a toss up tonight between some more Dead Famous and Lostalone. In the end decided on Lostalone, one to keep you awake. Vesuvius!

This is a band me and my daughter saw supporting Lostalone at The Cockpit in Leeds. A real class act although very different to Lostalone. I reckon its about time they put an album out!

Really love this band, in fact I've seen them three times since last August. Local band from Derby and they have a new album out soon. Check them Out! Lostalone Blood Is Sharp

Its been a long time since I posted here, but as I'm doing a lot of work revamping the website at the minute I'm in desperate need of some new tunes. Just been blowing my head off with this one for an hour. One of my all time favourite bands and still rocking your socks off! Kiss Psyco Circus

This weeks link is dedicated the the late great Ronnie James Dio who sadly passed away from stomach cancer a couple of weeks ago. This tune was organised by Dio at the same time as live aid for charity. I remember having hair like that!! An awesome song with some fantastic vocals and guitar gods! Rock on Ronnie!


This weeks offering is also being played a lot at the moment. You could think of it as a comment on the potential badger cull. I couldn't find a song with "badger" involvement, but this is the next best thing. Superb video, wildlife really can bite back! This is Queens of the Stone Age with No One Knows! Classic.


Well, very busy this week and listening to lots of music. I will try to keep things topical but was really struggling this week. All I can say is I really love this song and video, and perhaps the title describes Englands chances! The Offspring and Gone Away.


I'm not normally much of a fan of instumentals or never ending guitar solo's. Recently rediscovered this song after not hearing it for a while. Superb video with real meaning and he has to be one of the top three guitarists of all time. Steve Vai - For the love of God!


Well, I've decided to go with another Rainbow track this week. I will hopefully blog later today and you will see why this track is great to relax too when things aren't going well. I think this has to be one of my favourite tracks. Dio at his most melodic. Rainbow with "Catch the Rainbow".


Very late with this section of the website today. Trip to Bempton Cliffs today so 100's of images to process. This is a super song and a great video. Also features my daughters favourite singer Amy Lee. Evanescence and "Bring me to Life".


Gosh, late with this weeks offering. Busy again! I only recently discovered this song, which I think was originally a Aerosmith song but is performed here by Ronnie James Dio and Yngwie Malmsteen. What more can you ask for one of the worlds greatest vocalists and guitarists performing togethor. Dream On!!!


Saturday again and time for another song that I like to blast the car out with as well as listening at home. Another superb female rock singer and I'm convinced that this song would be a fantastic James Bond theme song. See what you think! Within Temptation with "What Have You Done".


Another quiet song this week. Actually discovered this on You Tube while looking for more from last weeks band, Within Temptation. This is Nightwish with Sleeping Sun.


Well, hadn't heard this song for years but while looking for something else on the net came across it and was blown away again. Black Sabbath with a real singer! Can't beleive how good Dio's voice is and always was. Superb song and hopefully we will soon get back to real singers real bands who play real instuments instead of this x-factor processed garbage!
Black Sabbath with Die Young.


Another week gone and I'm without my big lens at the moment as it's gone off for repair! This is one of my favourite songs and its made by the solo guitar towards the end. Metallica with Nothing Else Matters.


Well, don't know how its taken so long but I've finally got round to putting a song on by this band, who happen to be one of my all time favourites. If I was going to be reborn as a singer in a rock/blues band then this is the voice I would have every time. This is Whitesnake and David Coverdale with Sailing Ships.


I've been pretty poor at adding any more music links to this page for a while, mainly because I've been listening to a lot of the above! Tonight I got back into some Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Really love this song and video. Try a bit of Californication!

I haven't added any music for a long time but this is the band I'm listening to a lot at the moment. One of the best female voices I've ever heard. Within Temptation and Faster.

I seem to have a craze for Within Temptation at the moment. certainly seem to get loads of processing done listening to her wonderful voice. Heres another firm favourite. class="socialpages ">